The story so far…

I got my first music instrument as a birthday present when I was 14 years old, it was a cheap Cassio keyboard. That was the first time I skipped a whole night’s sleep without even noticing. I was so overwhelmed with that instrument, as if I’m the only kid on earth who discovered such treasure.

I bought myself a guitar a few weeks later and wrote my first song the day after. I knew that all I ever wanted was to write songs and play music for the rest of my life.

During the 90’s I went to study in a local music college and later on formed my first indie-rock band. We were touring some local venues and managed to get around 5 people + my mother coming to see us live every gig. I moved to London for two years, doing mainly solo gigs. Got back and formed a new band, we recorded our first studio album and were pretty much sure that we are going to be the second-best indie-rock band of all time (after Radiohead). Now guess what? It didn’t work out…

I got married and started working as a graphic designer so I could pay the rent. We were blessed with three loving kids, and I became obsessed with work, doing everything that I can to be able to pay the bills and save enough money to start working in the studio on my next album. Now guess what? That day never came…

I got carried away and became a tech entrepreneur and founded a startup company. I spent my days and nights working on ‘the big escape plan’ for the next couple of years, so I could finally find the right moment to quit, work on my songs and record my album. Well as you can imagine by now, that moment never came.

Two days right after I figured out that another four years of hard work went down the drain, my 7 year old daughter came back that day from school and told me that her school teacher asked everyone in class to talk about their parents’ occupation. My daughter said that her father is a computer man, so the teacher asked ‘and what kind of things he’s doing with the computer?’ she answered ‘He is a singer’.

That moment I decided to take a break from work for the first time. I woke up the morning after and the first thing that grabbed my attention was a YouTube clip with the title ‘Quantum Physics explained in 5 minutes”. That 5 minute video changed my perspective of life forever. It led me to explore the nature of my belief system and my relations with the outside world.

I got deep into quantum mechanics theories, metaphysics, special relativity and astronomy. I was blown away by the concepts that those scientific theories brought out. I discovered that there are probably more than 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe and each of these galaxies contains around trillions of stars. If you could travel at the speed of light, you could go around the earth 7.5 times in one second. Yet, traveling at this speed, it will take you 46.5 billion years!! to reach the edge of the observable universe.

Those ungraspable numbers and mind blowing quantum mechanics theories that relate to the very nature of our existence led me to ask one simple question: What is energy?

It’s the energy that gave me life in the first place, the same energy that creates worlds, the same energy that makes sure my heart keeps beating every single second, the same energy that makes sure 240 billion cells inside my body are reproduced every day – without me having to consciously do a thing about it!

That is where I found myself taking a very deep breath, realizing that the answer to that question is laying inside of me, in a very quiet place. I came to a sort of a deep realization that everything is actually ‘in its right place’, that I’m a part of something that has its own nature and is going in a certain direction and at a certain pace, without me being able to truly understand the complexity behind it.

Today I’m writing, producing, and mixing my songs at my little home studio, with the help of super talented musicians around the world.

The first collection of songs to be released is a tribute version for timeless tunes by artists that dedicated their life to the art of music. With names like Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and more.

I hope you enjoy my singing and find comfort in my music.
Stay tuned 🙂