YAPQ is a data-oriented technology start-up that provides personalized decision-making tools for the travel industry.

YAPQ collects, analyzes, and structures massive location-based data from real people. The company’s algorithm provides output rankings for every location in the world, and its plug-n-play products are designed to provide relevant, location-based information to increase engagement, decrease bounce, improve conversion rates, and boost sales.

YAPQ has partnered with Amadeus, a GDS company and one of the largest processors of travel bookings in the world, to develop and implement YAPQ’s technology on a mass user platform. Integrating 3 different API’s on Amadeus Innovation Sandbox:

Location Vibe API
Giving travelers exactly what they’re looking for.
Harness the power of Big Data to provide smart E-Commerce decision-making tools. We curate massive quantities of data in order to characterize the vibe of every hotel or tourist-related place in the world.

Spotter API
Find the most popular spots in your vicinity.
A geo-spotting API offering unbiased Point Of Interest (POIs) ranking for any given location based on social media-based crowd interest.

UrbanHi API
Let the city show you what it has to offer.
Discover the most popular places in any city. YAPQ is focused on building a realistic and authentic data cluster. The data can’t be altered by direct user input making it entirely unbiased.

My Role
VP Product
Fullstack designer

At the very beginning, we started YAPQ as the world’s first Scenic navigator and created a smart ranking algorithm for popular POI’s around the world, to suggest interesting walking routes in every city – on the go.